Confetti blower groot

Vanaf: 75.00 incl. btw (excl. borg)

Komt met 2 KG (MagicFX Slowfall confetti 55x17mm multicolour)

Meer en andere kleuren kan enkel op aanvraag

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Universal Effects Power 350 Projection Head


Technical Specifications:

  • Diameter 45 x 51cm, Ht 42cm, 8.7Kg
  • 230V – 50Hz
  • 1400W – 8A EC

Flood the house with Show Confetti, Paper Snow, Pop Corn or other types of decorative or festive products. Easy to use and powerful, based on the working principle of the venturi effect, the Power Projection are propelled by a fan and guarantee reliability under all circumstances. Moreover, they can be continually fed with or without optional tank.

Diameter 45x37cm.

Height 97cm.

Weight 7,7Kg