Sneeuwmachinne groot

Vanaf: 90.00 incl. btw (excl. borg)

Komt met 10 liter vloeistof in de tank..

Let op ! Echt groot product!

Afwijkende borg €400.-

Output ca.4-13 mtr

*1 beschikbaar

Enkel gebruik met vloeistoffen van xower verhuur !! Hier te bestellen.

(als u denkt extra nodig te hebben)


Snow during springtime. With Universal-Effects SNOW MACHINES, nothing is easier than producing snow throughout the seasons. These machines spray far and wide. They are designed for professionals working in live entertainment, recreation, events, television and cinema. Our “Power Snow Machines” are powerful and reliable, and allow for the adjustment of the size of the snowflakes. They are delivered complete with an aluminium tank including a level indicator, electro-valve and connections. Optional large-capacity tanks may also be connected.


Technical Specifications:

  • Diameter 45 x 51cm, Ht 42cm, 8.7Kg
  • Tank: L 40 x 23cm – Ht 33cm – 3.5Kg, Capacity : 10 L
  • 230V – 50Hz
  • 1400W – 8A EC



  • On BASE ST-350 projection to 13m
  • Comsumption of snow liquid: from 15 to 30 L/Hrs

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